The daily pressures of life are very real for both parents and children. Time spent with each other should be qualitatively unsurpassed in: listening carefully, never being excessively judgmental, and, insofar as possible, creating with each other an accepting and genuinely sharing environment for learning and growing together.

Serving McHenry County communities, the purpose of the Four Feathers Nation Indian Guides and Indian Princesses program is to create an environment to promote friendship and understanding between father and son and father and daughter, respectively.

The Four Feathers Nation is built on a foundation of our 7 AIMS that is the center of the programs philosophy.

Designed to provide events that create opportunities for boys and girls to spend quality time with their Fathers.  Every step is taken to ensure that boys and girls and their Fathers at every eventc undertake both structured and free time periods together. This is one of the unique characteristics of the program philosophy and practices.

While no handbook can even begin to describe the quality in the spontaneous joy of sharing natural, human interests that occur between father and child. An attempt is made here to provide opportunities for you to build this relationships with your child tried and proven ways.

To learn more about our program register on Circle Bridge and have a one-on-one conversation with another Father about what they get out of the program.

“Enjoy taking your kids camping just not dropping them off”

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