How does this work?


Boys and girls in K-8th grade can join. When the child reaches the spring campout (in 6th grade) they graduate from the program if they want. Several members stay beyond 6th grade because they enjoy the program.


You can request to join a tribe of family or friends with sons/daughters the same age.  However, if you are unfamiliar with a particular tribe email to help you get placed in a Tribe of other families and friends from your neighborhood or school.   


Your Tribe sets up smaller events including community service outings, feather earning activities/outings and fun days throughout the year.  The Four Feathers Nation sets the dates for the larger events and annual campouts.


Vests and patches can be purchased from The Patch Store or a local Crystal Lake vendor that has all our colors and Four Feather starter kits. (ask your Chief for specifics).  The cost of the Vest and starter patches are around $35 for each father and son/daughter.

Member Fees

The yearly dues are FREE for the 2020-2021 season because of limited events during COVID.

Next Steps

  1. Log in and create an account on Circle Bridge
  2. Pick a Tribe
  3. Pay the yearly dues (2020-2021 Dues are FREE due to limited events during COVID)
  4. Only pay for the events you attend.
    1. Four Feathers have 3 major campouts per year. Fall, Winter, and Spring. Between each campout, there are several events: Parades, Tubing, Daddy Daughter Dance, and Battle House.
  5. Purchase a vest from local Crystal Lake Vendor or Patch Store. Each tribe has a different color vest. (ask your chief)
    1. Pick your Indian Name
  6. Circle Bridge and Facebook Group will update everyone on event updates.
  7. Attend events and have fun!

Helpful Links

Information about the program

Crafts, Patches, and more

Helpful links on our website

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