Tribal Events and Outings

The emphasis of Tribal and Nation outings are to bring father and child together as well as the entire tribe.

Updates on events: Circle BridgeFacebook Group, and Four Feathers website.

The Nation events start in the Fall and end in the Spring. During the summer there might be 1-2 events.

The Four Feathers Nation hosts three major events per year. These events are the Fall, Winter, and Spring Campouts. Typically there is a hosting Tribe who oversees the itinerary for the outing. Review the photos of events.

The Chiefs meet with the Nation leaders once a month to review the yearly schedule.

Each Tribe is encouraged to hold a monthly event.


Shawnee 2017

Shawnee tribal meeting: making necklaces



The Four Feather campouts are the highlight of the Father-Child Program. All campouts are held at campsites that are within a two-hour drive from Crystal Lake. Campouts start on Friday and end on Sunday.

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Campout duties

Tribes should coordinate duties and responsibilities before the campout begins. Google Docs are shared with all members of the Tribe to figure out who’s in charge of food and supplies.

Shawnee camp 2015

Chief Meeting at the campout

The chiefs’ meeting is held on Saturday afternoon, around 3:00pm. The campout schedule is given out, duties are discussed and ceremonial bonfire is planned.

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Campout Activities

The schedule at our campouts is very relaxed. We want you to enjoy your time camping with your child and only a few activities are required Examples:

  • Fall campout: Ghost toss, frisbee game, pelt hunt, and hunt for Mechulah.
    • The ceremony includes new member induction into the nation.
  • Winter campout: Tug of war outside, pelt hunt, winter hike, archery, and inside games after lodge dinner.
  • Spring campout: Bug hunt and hunt for Mechulah.


Campout Meals

The tribe uses Google docs to coordinate meals and supplies.

campout girls

Campout Ceremonial Bonfire

One of the highlights of the campout is the Saturday evening bonfire. The Fire council begins with a nation procession from one end of the camp to the bonfire ceremony. Tribes will join the procession by announcing their tribe name to the nation chief when he approaches. If the nation chief approves, the tribe may join in the procession towards the council fire ceremony. Tribal drums/chant can be used during the procession. The ceremony will consist of inspirational words from our nation officers, stories, and of course a big fire (if the Great Spirit deems us worthy). These ceremonies will be long remembered by each father and child. Each ceremony ends with each father and child being asked to go into the world to live out the AIMS of the Four Feathers Nation.

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Campout Chapel

Chapel marks the closing ceremony of our campout. A chapel is held on Sunday morning around 8:00am. Awards are given to the Tribes for the activities that were held and the winner of the patch drawing is announced.

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Four Feather Graduation Blankets

Graduation Blankets