Four Feather Nation Tribes

Nation Structure

  1. Nation Chief – Leader and organizer of the entire Nation.
  2. Nation Medicine Man – Assistant to the chief and responsible for advertising/recruitment/fundraising.
  3. Nation Wampum Bear – Tracks costs, budgets, and accounting.
  4. Nation Legend Keeper – Takes attendance and keeps minutes.

Nation ChiefMedicine Man nationWampum BearLegend Keeper

Tribal Structure

  1. Chief – Leader of the Tribe
  2. Medicine Man – Assistant to the Tribal Chief.

Chief MeetingMedicine Man


Blackhawk Alliance – Indian Guides (Boys)

Seneca Eagle FeathersIL North Eagle FeatherMikmaq vest color.jpgPawnee Colors indian Guides

cropped-cropped-fourfeathersnationCrystal Water Alliance

Crystal Waters Alliance- Indian Princesses (Girls)

Vest Colors:

Shawnee Tribe Vest 1OttawaBear Foot princess tribe

Indian Guides Vest Colors guide no image v2019

Tribal Meeting

  • Monthly tribal meetings are suggested: date, time and location agreed upon by all tribe members.
  • Locations should be rotated to give every member a chance to host
  • Meetings should last an hour
    • Opening Ceremony
    • Wampum collection
    • Scouting reports
    • Story/Game
    • Craft
    • Snack
    • Closing Ceremony
  • Activities can vary but must always involve participation from both parent and child.

Program Rituals

Tribal Property

  • Tribal Chest
  • Tribal Drum
  • Totem Pole
  • Talking Stick
  • Coup Stick
  • Wampum Pouch
  • Inactive Tribes

Tribal Chest

This box should be large enough for all the tribal properties, yet small enough to handle easily. This box will hold most of the tribal property, including totem, drum, campfire, headbands, etc.

Inactive Tribes

Crafts, Patches, and more