The Story of Mechulah

Mechulah was a young Indian princess from the Illinois tribe, and she was very anti-social. She never wanted to play with other Princesses and just wanted to be alone. As you can imagine, the other kids just made fun of her.

One day, after the other kids kept ridiculing her she got so upset that she ran away into the forest. She found an open pasture and sat down on a log to pout. She sat there on this log into the night. Obviously, everyone in the tribe was worried when Mechulah didn’t return to camp.

The next day, the tribe sent out a search party to find the little Princesses. After a long search, they found Mechulah still sitting on the edge of the log, at least what was left of her. To everyone’s surprise, she had turned into the log she was sitting on. All that was left was her frowning face imprinted on the end of the log.

The moral of this Indian legend is that the log that Mechulah turned into symbolizes “The Princesses that no one wants to be.” It is the kind of Princess that goes off by herself, doesn’t get involved, and doesn’t like others. In other words, don’t be a Mechulah! You are out here to have fun with your friends and get involved.

What do we do with our Mechulah?

Late campout game!

The Princesses and Guides, as a tribe, must take Mechulah and bring it to another tribe. It’s bad luck to have Mechulah, and it will cost your tribe points if your tribe has it a the end of the campout. Only Princesses and Guides are allowed to touch Mechulah. When you bring it to another tribe, you can hide it in their camp; however, do not put it under things like tents, campers, cars, and log piles. It must be in plain view to make it fair.

Mechulah new

New Mechulah


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Old Mechulah