Indian Guides and Princess vests are purchased by the member after they have joined a tribe. Each tribe has their own vest colors and design. Review the Tribe website for color and design

  • The cost of the vest with the starter patches is around $35 each.
  • Crystal Lake vendor, Jami Strickfaden, has all our vest colors and Four Feather patch starter kits (ask your Chief. see Jami below).
  • Crystal Lake vendor: Starter kits from Jami Strickfaden
  • Start kit includes: (from Jami Strickfaden)
    • Indian Guides or Princesses band
    • Four Feathers Nation Patch
    • The United States Flag
    • Crystal Waters (girls) or Blackhawk (boys) Alliance
    • Color vest is assigned by the tribe
    • Tribe name should appear on the back
  • Patches/Vests can also be purchased from The Patch Store but Jami Stickfaden in Crystal Lake makes it much easier to create the vest with our Four Feathers Starter kits.

Boys Alliance

Crystal Water Alliance

Girls Alliance


Four Feathers Nation

Vest Example

Front Vest example: Right-side – Indian Name, USA Flag – Bottom right – Four Feathers Nation and alliance patch: Crystal Waters (girls) Blackhawk (boys). Left side camp or event patches.

back of vest

Back of Vest: Tribe Name, Eagle Feather, Indian Band. Camp or event patches if needed.

Indian Guide band

Indian Guides Band (Boys)

Indian Princesses hand band

Indian Princesses band (Girls)

Example Vests _ Indian Princesses Winter Campout Jan 2018 _IMG_5203

Example girl vests