Patch drawing rules


  • Each Guide or Princess receives a patch color sheet
  • Five colors can be used – black included
  • Guides and Princesses are coloring the next campout patch design
  • Patch sheets are turned into the chief
  • Guides and Princesses vote on the best patch for their tribe
  • The best patch design is then sent to the final round for all the tribes of the Alliance at the campout.
  • The winner of the patch design is announced at the next campout.
  • The winner receives a plaque with their design.


Plaque _ Indian Guides Storage Unit Oct 2017 _IMG_3565

Patch plaque for winner



5 _ Indian Princesses Winter Campout Jan 2018 _IMG_5172

Tribe voting on a patch



12 _ Indian Guides Jan 6 2018 Winter Campout Camp Edwards East Troy Wisconsin _IMG_5075

Final vote on the patch