Fall Campout

Fall Guides and Princess Campout
Location: White Pines Forrest State Park

Details: The fall campout is the first campout of the season; its when new members are inducted into the Four Feathers Nation with a bonfire ceremony. It is a Friday and Saturday night stay. White Pines Forest State Park is one of our favorite sites for hiking the trails and exploring with your son or daughter. The park has a lodge restaurant and gift store.

Nation events start Saturday afternoon with a hike followed by our traditional fall games. After the days activities, we gather at the campsite for dinner and the bonfire ceremony. Sunday morning closes the weekend with our Indian chapel service to announce awards. Some tribes head up the lodge for a breakfast buffet and then finish the day with more hiking.

Registration: https://www.circlebridge.com/fourfeathers/login.php

White Pines State Park website:

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